What friendship is all about

Hi,I’m,A,I’m 15 years old.I live with my foster carers.I have blue ocean eyes and I have chesnut hair like a fluffy cat.
My foster carers got me the most adorable golden cat tht was as soft as a pillow .The name I choose for her was cookie because my bff’s favourite food is
Chocolate-chip cookies.

“oi , you’ve just introduced me now,pass it over mate.”

Hi , my name is C,I have auburn,curly hair and tanned bronze skin that glistens in the light .I have brown merry eyes .I live  with my boring parents that always boss me around.my parents are called Y and Z, .I’m 15 years old aswell(older then B.) The high school we go to is
S(named after S.)You should of seen it when ofsted came
To are school.They  were saying,”This needs to be inproved ,that needs to be
Inproved .”
Well guess what ! It was built in the 1970’s,what do you expect?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy our mini adventure diary  about our  spectular friendship!


If you think about it ,what would you and your friend do? I know what me and
C would do.We would make the crimes.We like to call ourselves partners in crime .
Here is our lists of crimes
1.Falling asleep in mash and getting it over our Dinner lady,B .
2.Putting shaving foam in our water because A and E told it  was an
Experiment and got it on CL I phone8.
3.put bleach in pam’s shampoo with red and grey dye.she went MAD!
And many more ………………………………………….
In this crime me and ACTUALLLY became the crime solvers.
Here’s what happened.Hacherkai hacked into my account with his friend P and destroyed all my homework and got into detention. C decided we should put cameras in their room,and guess what we found out ,it
was H and P.


Hi I,m A again ,my parents are SO annoying ,they say”clean this,
Dust,wash that .” You just want to tell them NO, I mean they need to let me
have a break for a week.I not their servent.I can’t even have a BATH!


1.Be yourself
2.Respect what your bff does
3.If anybody hurts your friends, be supportive and cheer them up
4.If you fall out ,don’t take it personal(Amy doesn’t have any friends because she  is so bossy. She just argue.)

That’s what friends are all about

The end.


Was wild! Full of crazy energy and twists and turns.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce