Children in the North West and Yorkshire need loving foster families. Can you become a foster carer with your local authority and help local children achieve their ambition?  Take a look at our stories and find out more about what fostering means for children near you.

If you'd like the opportunity to chat with someone about fostering there are information events across the region. To find one near you take a look at our events page.

Wakefield drop in session

14th May, 2018

Come and meet our fostering team to ask your questions about becoming a foster carer for your local authority.

2 - 3.30pm

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Stockport information evening

10th April, 2018

 If you're interested in fostering, join us for an open evening where we can talk more about what it takes to become a foster carer.

We hold a range of open evenings during the year so join us to find out more about the different types of fostering and the specialist scheme which offers a salary of £28k-£30k.

We will also explain about the fostering process on how to become a foster carer and you will be given the opportunity to speak to an existing Stockport foster carer about their experiences of fostering. The open evening normally last around 90 minutes.

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Susan fosters babies

Susan combines fostering newborns with her job as a gym instructor. In the 15 years she’s been a foster carer she’s had around 10 placements, initially she fostered toddlers and but now mainly takes babies from birth; “It’s important that to develop their brain in that first year and rewarding seeing them meet all their milestones.”

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Oliver and Tyler want to be games developers

Tyler mostly wants to do what his big brother is doing and looks up to him as a role model. He’s actually more into dinosaurs than computer games but will sit with Oliver when he’s on his Xbox and much to his brother’s frustration always wants to play too.  Oliver loves science fiction and playing Minecraft.  His autism spectrum disorder means that he’s keen on structure and consistency and is happy to spend lots of time on his own, often learning and experimenting with how electronics work.

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A winning story in our competition has some great messages about friendship: ""You should listen to me because it i… https://t.co/T5wMhqO8Ft
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